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Unfortunately, getting the correct ring size is more of an art than a science. There is no governing body that standardizes ring sizes in the US so sizing can be inconsistent from place to place. Therefore, I do offer a fitting service for $25 for one person or $35 for a couple. You can order a fitting here.

With a fitting, I can send you a band in the size and dimensions requested to try on before any finishing or stones are set. You can then wear it for a few days and even sleep in it. Then, if you want the band adjusted, I can do that up to 1/2 size at no further charge. You would need to return the band to me.

Please note that I do not make money on a fitting service; I offer it because I feel that it creates less stress for both of us in the long run.

Fittings are completely optional, however, please be aware that I will make the ring in the size requested and without a fitting, I cannot guarantee the ring will fit you perfectly, thus there would be a charge to resize if necessary. Cost of resizing varies based on the complexity of the design and the extent of change between the original and new size. For most rings, it is easier to resize up than down.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to send your rings to me to be resized. Most rings can be easily resized locally. Many places specialize in repair and maintenance which is what resizing really falls under. While I can do some limited resizing, I am more of a maker/designer and while it may not seem obvious, making a ring from scratch is actually quite different than resizing it and requires different tools and skills.

As I'm only one person doing everything, I've opted to focus on the design and creation of the rings, which is what I do best.

International ring sizes

If you are ordering internationally, I ask that you use an online chart to convert your ring size to a US size as there are no perfect conversions and you know best if you want to err up or down.

I take sizes in 1/4 size increments (so no 1/8 sizes) and please know there may be an additional materials/labor fee for larger sizes.

I often use these two : ring sizes wikipedia but there are many others as well