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Ecologically-conscious, ethically-made modern wedding jewelry

Shopping for just the right jewelry to represent your commitment can be a daunting experience - particularly if you care about how (and with what) your rings are made.

The wedding marketplace is full of pretty things with ugly origins. When I started making rings to help people celebrate their unions, I was adamant that my pieces would not only be elegant and modern, but would have a backstory that my customers could be proud of.

Striking jewelry with a clear conscience

Every piece of Lolide jewelry is crafted by hand in Seattle from ethically sourced materials. Here are a few more reasons that customers in the market for ethical, sustainably-made jewelry should consider Lolide:

Lab-grown diamonds

I feel strongly that lab-grown diamonds are a superior alternative to mined diamonds, and prefer to use them as the default in all my diamond work. Although I will use conflict-free mined diamonds by customer request, lab-grown diamonds present the most ethical, technologically advanced and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds available in today’s market — while losing nothing in beauty and performance.

More than just diamonds

Many customers want the added beauty of stones in their engagement or wedding rings, but aren’t sure what is available beyond diamonds. I have created a variety of styles set with diamond alternatives, including moissanite and white sapphire, to offer diamond-free sparkle at a lower cost. I also love working with colored stones — e.g., yellow and blue sapphires, black and other colored diamonds — to support my customers’ unique visions. If you see a design you like but want to add something more vibrant, most white stones can be substituted with other colors. Let’s talk!

Conflict-free materials

Every supplier of metals and stones for Lolide jewelry (including mined diamonds) has provided documentation supporting their adherence to conflict-free mining practices.

Recycled materials

The materials I use for bands and most bezels is 100% recycled. All other components (such as a few bezels and a few of the rings I have cast) contain between 50% and 95% recycled materials. Whenever possible, I use packaging made that is made from recycled materials and/or can be re-used and recycled.

Non-toxic processes

I use as many non-toxic chemicals and processes as possible during jewelry fabrication, including working with common household ingredients like citric acid (vitamin C!) and dish soap rather than industrial chemicals during tumbling and finishing. I even clean my studio with non-toxic cleansers.