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Lori Linkous Devine

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LOLiDE (pronounced low-lih-day) is a one woman show. Everything you see is designed and created by me, by hand in my studio in Seattle.

I've been making things with my hands since I can remember. I was raised in semi-rural Virginia by Depression-era grandparents. My grandfather, never one to throw anything away - or purchase expensive art materials - kept what we referred to as the "junk room." But to me, this was my supply closet, the place where I got all of the materials for my many projects, from the leftover rug remnants and house paint I used in a handmade doll-less house, to old pieces of tire I used to make a pair of flip flops. While I now have more access to tools and materials, I still find that sometimes the greatest catalyst for creativity is circumscription.

My work uses a combination of organic and industrial shapes with a sculptural focus. With a background in printmaking and a love of architecture, I have come to see jewelry-making as a type of sculpture that allows me to incorporate both these aesthetics. I try make every creation a small work of art, even down to the clasps and ear wires which are designed to be not just functional but add to the overall beauty of each piece.

I find inspiration in the intersection of light and dark, order and chaos, natural vs. industrial -- the beautiful lush organic vine growing on a rusted glass and steel structure or the sound of rain on a metal roof -- things that connect my Virginia childhood with my new home in Seattle. I try to reflect this feeling of time, movement, and unexpected beauty in my designs, a marriage of my past and present.